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ATV-411 Newsletter, #08
March 15, 2007

Fellow ATVers,

It is Thursday evening, just after dinner at my house, and I was checking to see when the last newsletter went out.

It has been awhile, since the last one went out, a very, very, long while. So while there are a few moments before Survivor comes on, I thought I would get a newsletter sent out.

Since the last newsletter went out, about a million things have changed around here. So I will take a few and get everyone up to speed with what has been happening.

The next newsletter will be coming out shortly, and will get back to our standard format, this one is more of a "catch up" issue.

First, we have moved. We took advantage of the peak in real estate prices in SoCal, and got out while the getting was good. The area we were in, Victorville, in the high desert was becoming a mecca for people to escape to.

But, some of the people were the ones you don't want living near by. A lot of the gang member types, having been run out of LA and Orange County, headed to the high desert, and over ran the area.

The high school our daughter was attending had over 5,000 students on campus. There were incidents involving fights, weapons, drugs, and even a couple of students were raped on campus.

Not the place to call home anymore...

So, we sold the house, hired the movers and got out.

Where did we move to? I am so glad you asked...

We moved to beautiful Oak Harbor, Washington. Located on Whidbey Island, in the Puget Sound, we have a new place to call home...

We actually moved up sight unseen. We had planned a trip for last summer, to come up and check it out. But Cameron broke his arm, and required weekly visits to the Ortho Dept. at Kaiser Fontana. So, the trip got cancelled.

Lucky for us, Diane's girlfriend and her family moved up here about 2 years ago. When Elysia found out we couldn't come up to look around, she got together with our agent, Susan, and looked at at least a dozen properties for us. She would take bunches of pix, and then email them to us to check out.

Thanks again, Elysia.

Edited 10-19-13, site referenced no longer exists - CD
We traveled up the week after Thanksgiving. Diane and I in the front, the kids in the backseat, and luggage, cooler, and two large dogs in the back, covered by the shell.

It was about a 1300 mile trip, and took us 3 days. The ATVs were carried on the moving van, along with everything else. Except the laptops, of course.

So, we are now living in some of the most beautiful and spectacular scenery in the country. Since we are on an island, yes, a real island, there are only a couple of ways to access this wonderful place.

You either come across the one bridge onto the island, hop one one of three ferries, or fly in on a small plane.

We have seen deer in the pastures, bald eagles flying overhead, and picture postcard vistas all around the place. We were so amazed at this place that, you guessed it, we launched another website There are only a couple of pages up now, but I am getting my schedule hammered out so I can spend time on both sites.

And speaking of this site, there has been some work going on at as well.

Here is a quick rundown...

ATV Clubs page we have added quite a few new clubs, and found a few more from all around the country.

ATV Magazines page we have found a new vendor, and we now offer you all the leading ATV mags, at the best prices. I even put a couple of two wheeler mags there also, just in case.

And, at the ATV DVDs page we have dumped the old vendor, and are very happy to offer you all the DVDs. Great titles, great prices, and FREE shipping again.

On the ATV Tours page I have been busy updating here as well. We have a new vendor, and more vacation options to choose from.

Many more pages will be updated, and I have a list of new pages that I am in the process of finishing, and uploading, a bunch more.

Well, that's about it for now, if you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to send us an email, Send me an Email

Ride Safe. Ride Legal. Ride Again...Curtis

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