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ATV-411 Newsletter, #09
May 02, 2007

Greetings ATV Enthusiasts,

I had promised in my last update, that the Newsletter would be getting back on track, and that had been the intention....

But as I check the number of the newsletters that have been opened and read, and compare that to the RSS feed stats, it has become very clear that more people are using the RSS feed, and every month, less people are opening their newsletter.

Now, most of the info in the newsletter gets posted on an appropriate page at the site. What this means is that I put the newsletter together, and send it out. And then I also post the different articles, from the newsletter, into various pages around the site as well.

This means that I have to handle the info two times, once for the newsletter, and then again for the site. And, if you see what I am saying, it means double the work to get the same info out, to you, our loyal visitors and readers.

Soooooo, The newsletter will be getting streamlined, starting today. The newsletter will contain safety issues, and manufacturer recalls, only.

All of the other articles, like where to ride, new products, legislation updates, club and ATV events, will be handled thru the RSS feed. If you are not familiar with RSS, let me take just a minute to lay it out to you....

The term RSS is an abbreviation for "Really Simple Syndication.

Everytime I post an article or modify a web page at the site, it shows up in the RSS Feed. So, you can open your RSS Reader, click on the ATV-411 Feed, and you will get a list of everything that I have been doing at the site.

The readers are free, and if you can get them from Google, Yahoo, and MSN, or follow the link when you sign up to get a third party Reader. There is one for Windows, and one for Mac, and they are also free.

The big advantages with RSS is that..

You don't have to provide your email address

If your email address changes, you still get the updates

You can see what has been updated, and check out that page, instead of looking thru the entire site and trying to find the update.

You get the info as soon as I post it, not when the newsletter comes out.

I save a bunch of time, by not doing the work twice. This allows me to add more features, articles, and info to the site, making it even better for you.

So, please take a moment, and sign up for the RSS feed. The Sign up box is just below the navigation bar on the left side of every page at the site. I am sure this will be a win-win for both of us.

If you still don't want to sign up for the RSS, you can simply click on the ATV-411 Blog button, when you visit the site, and still see all the updates and changes to the site.

Thanks for your time, the streamlined newsletter, which will feature safety issues and recalls, will be out tomorrow...

Well, that's about it for now, if you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to send us an email, Send me an Email

Ride Safe. Ride Legal. Ride Again...Curtis

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