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I am always on the lookout for deal when it comes time to replace my ATV apparel, and it never hurts to save a few $$ while keeping yourself safe. Most folks don't know that your riding gear can not only make you look good, but make your riding safer as well.

ATV Apparel is a term that not only includes some cool looking Tees or Hoodies, but it also refers to your riding pants, jerseys, gloves, goggles, helmet, and boots.

I never ride without my riding gear, so if you see my Mojave green blazing down the trail, and roosting you as I ride, you will most certainly see me completely geared up. Safety First!

The most important piece of ATV apparel is your helmet!

You should never throw your leg over a quad without a helmet, even if you are just riding off the trailer. WHY?

Stuff happens!

Better to be safe for the moment and go riding, then to have to take an ambulance ride to the hospital. When choosing a helmet, there are a couple of things to remember, so you get maximum protection.

  • Proper Fit
  • Full Face Protection
  • Good Ventilation

Second only to a helmet is a set goggles, it makes no sense to protect your brain, but not your eyes. Riding a quad is impossible without both, so take care of your peepers! One of the best parts of riding is watching the sunrise or sunset over your favorite riding area. If you have ridden at Glamis, you know what I'm talking about...

Number three on the ATV apparel list is a set of gloves. Riding gloves help ensure a firm grip on the throttle and levers, as well as protecting your hands from the wind created as you ride. White knuckles are for roller coasters, not ATV riding, although I have seen some people riding their ATVs that way.

Next comes your ATV pants and ATV jerseys. if your wallet is a bit on thin side, jeans and long sleeves or sweatshirt will do the trick. But riding pants usually have some padding at the waist, and even the knees, and also have a suede or leather type patch on the inside thigh area. These patches help you hug the plastic without slipping around. A definite plus if you need to "hang" off one side or the other to make a sharp turn at speed. ATV jerseys are normally made from a perforated nylon material, which allows air to pass through, keeping you cool on warm summer days, or fast laps at the track. The long sleeves also offer some protection in case you bounce off the local flora (bushes and such).

Last come the riding boots. Probably the most expensive item after your helmet. Your boots offer some reinforcement for your ankles and calves, and feature a non- slip sole material to keep you feet firmly on the pegs. Again, if your a little light in cash department, a set of reasonably priced work boots will offer the reinforcement for you ankles, but your calves are on their own. This is also a great option for the kids, who will outgrow a pair of boots way before they wear them out. Some riding boots also offer a waterproof liner to keep your feet dry if you like to play in the puddles like I do...

So, you are ready for some new ATV apparel, but aren't sure where to start looking. Well, I have taken the liberty of assembling a great vendor list to point you in the right direction. As always, I make sure to only suggest the best vendors, which means a great selection to choose from, but also looking to keep as much cash in your wallet as possible.

We need to shop smart for our ATV apparel, so we have more cash for gas.

Ride Safe. Ride Legal. Ride Again...Curtis

My ATV Apparel Recommendations

Chaparral Motorsports Unbeatable inventory and deals to match! Add their friendly and knowledgeable staff, and you've got a "winer-winner, turkey dinner!"

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Your off-road specialist for quality ATV gear. Free 1-3 day shipping. I can't say enough about these guys, and they know their stuff since they ride like we do. Another of my faves, be sure to check them out for "budget-friendly" prices and a massive catalog of ATV gear.

Super ATV for all your ATV Apparel at the Guaranteed Lowest Prices! with a name like super, they gotta be good! Tell them to make you a "super deal", and they will.

SlyFox One of my favorite sources for ATV apparel. SlyFox is able to offer up to 70% off because they purchase factory overstocks, and last years' lines at incredible savings, and pass the savings on to you, our ATV-411 visitors. Yeah the name says cycle, but their ATV nuts too! Check out their great selection of not only ATV gear, but ATV accessories too.

ATV Gear at Motorcycle Superstore Another site for ATV gear and accessories. get Free Shipping on all orders over $75.00, and great deals on closeouts, too.

ATV Gear at Another huge selection of ATV apparel at "skinny" prices. Featuring Thor, Answer, Fox and many more. Special deals on complete gear packages, for you and the kids. And let's NOT forget to replace those old and worn out straps and tie downs! All sorts of straps, in a rainbow of colors, to match your ride or team colors.

And if there is anything you might need in the way of parts, accessories, apparel, or anything else ATV related, you can find it here at ATV-411. You should find what you're looking for by following one of the following links: - Dirt bike & ATV parts

ATV Apparel for the best choices in helmets, motocross boots, jerseys, riding pants, goggles, gloves, and even motocross socks, be sure to check out our selection from the best vendors available.

ATV Repair Manuals be sure to get a repair manual for your quad, it will allow you to keep your ATV in top running condition, which translates into more time on the trail. We have a large selection that covers most popular makes and models.

ATV Laws be sure you are in compliance with all title, registration, and ORV licensing requirements, before you hit the trail. Click through to see the ATV laws for all 50 states, what a handy resource to have.

ATV magazines unfortunately we can't ride every day, so having a few ATV/motorsport mags to read is a good thing. These also make a great Christmas or birthday gift for you favorite ATV nut or gearhead.

ATV insurance let's face it, ATVs aren't exactly cheap. And most homeowners or renter's policies don't cover your favorite toy. Be sure you, and your pride and joy, are protected. Learn about theft, property damage, comprehensive, and liability policies available.

ATV clubs riding is definitely more fun when you have a couple of friends on the trail with you. So, here is an easy way to find an ATV club in your area, we have listings for almost every state, and Canada too.

ATV video games ever wish you could go riding, and not leave the couch or your recliner? No matter what gaming system you have, you can choose from a great selection of the most popular games available.

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