Stolen ATVs
What to Do if You Are a Victim

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The rise of stolen ATVs is one of the side effects of ATVs outselling street and dirt bikes for the last 0 years. It can happen in a matter of minutes...

And once your quad is gone, it can be difficult, if not nearly impossible, to ever get it back. If you have ever had your quad stolen, you know what I am talking about...

Since most states only require the ATV be inspected upon initial registration, it is very hard for the DMV to stay up on all the stolen ATVs out there. But, there is some good news to report about this situation, and here it is.

All of the major ATV salvage yards use these sites to check if they are buying a stolen ATV from an individual, before they complete the transaction. Since they don't want to get involved with dealing with any stolen ATVs. They don't need the trouble...

So, if your beloved quad has been stolen, or if you are about to purchase a used ATV, be sure to visit these sites. You will save yourself a lot of headaches...

Here are the links...

National Insurance Crime Bureau

Simply enter the VIN number, and you can check to see if the quad has ever been listed as stolen through a variety of agencies. You can also check to see if the ATV has ever been classified as a "salvage vehicle". Once a vehicle, including an ATV, has been classified as "salvage", it cannot be registered for highway or ORV use again.

Stolen ATVs

At this website, you can list your ATV info, in the event it is ever stolen. You can list the description, the VIN, a couple of photos, if you have some, as well as your contact info like, phone and email. You can even offer a reward for its safe return. The site is divided into two parts, one for US visitors, and another for Canadian visitors.

And, if you also happen to own a dirtbike, they have set up another site just for those two wheeler guys, Stolen Dirtbike.

Now, how do you prevent your quad from becoming a stolen ATV in the first place?

Here are a few common sense tips that can keep you from being the victim of ATV theft.

  • Always store your ATV in a secured location.

  • Your ATV is much safer in the garage or shed. Just parking it in the backyard is not good enough. Also, most homeowner's insurance policies will cover your quad if it is the garage or shed, but not if you park it in the backyard.

    Check out our ATV insurance page for more detailed info.

  • Never leave the keys in the ignition.

  • Always store the keys separately from your quad. This goes for when your hanging out at camp too. Without the keys, it will slow down a potential thief. Or cause them to look for a different quad to steal.

  • Pull the plug wire when your ATV is parked.

  • It may sound very low tech, but most thieves won't hang around long enough to figure this one out. If they can't fire it up within a minute or two, they will go elsewhere. Whenever I ride at Glamis, and we cruise up to the beachstore, or Boardmanville, I always pull the plug wire, take the keys, and shut off the gas supply.

  • Consider other theft deterrent devices, like a LoJack.
Although this will set you back a few dollars, you can never be too careful. And besides, with new quads easily hitting the $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 mark, it is a very affordable option...

Ride Safe. Ride Legal. Ride Again...Curtis

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