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How to wheelie an ATV? Is another one of those very popular questions, I get every month, which tells me its time to build this page. So here it is...

I don't quite know what it is about wheelies, but they sure are fun to do on an ATV. But there is another benefit to learning how to wheelie an ATV, other than to impress your friends.

When your riding down the trail, and even the track, having the ability to pop the front end off the ground to clear obstacles, will make you a better, more efficient, and also a faster rider.

The first thing to know is that not all ATVs wheelie equally well. Much of it has to do with the coordination of the throttle and clutch. While in others its the ability to hit the "balance point" and hold it there, while working the throttle.

Many people express a concern about the ATV flipping over on them (huge ouch!), when they consider learning how to wheelie an ATV. So, I will address that first...

It is possible to have the ATV flip over backwards, but, thanks to the fact that almost all ATVs have a rear grab bar extending past the plastic, means that the grab bar will hit the ground well before the ATV is ready to flip over. That is your warning, so pay attention for it! Also, never get on your ATV without your helmet...

If at any time you feel or sense the ATV is going over backwards, tap the rear brake, and get off the throttle. Tapping the rear brake will bring the front end down pretty quickly, so be prepared for the contact with the ground.

So the first thing to learn about how to wheelie an ATV, is to get the front end off the ground. If the front tires are on the ground, you aren't able to ride a wheelie. So you have a couple of options to get the front tires "light".

  • You can pull the bars back hard as you try to slide your behind backwards on the seat
  • Or use a small bump, berm, or other object, to use as a ramp. (This is how I do it.) With the front tires reaching the top of the small obstacle, pull back on the bars, and gently nudge the throttle. By using an object, the front tires are already higher than the rear ones, and it is much easier for the front to come up.

After you master the "bump technique", and build up some strength in your arms, you will be able to pull a wheelie at will. But I think it is much easier to learn how to wheelie an ATV this way, and this is how I taught my kids to wheelie as well.

So, practice the "bump technique" until you have it mastered. Learning to get those front tires "light" is critical for more advanced tricks, and increasing your speed. So, practice, practice, practice...

After you can pop the front end at will, it is then time to learn how to wheelie an ATV for an extended amount of time.

The next part of the process involves finding the balance point of your machine. This basically involves determining the correct body position on the ATV to hit the balance point. Your behind should be farther back on the seat, but not so far that reaching the bars and working the controls is awkward. Again practice makes perfect, so practice hitting the balance point until you don't think about it, you are just able to do it.

Once that step is mastered, you will need to repeat the balance point process, but this time standing up with your knees slightly bent. This is known as the "attack stance". With your knees slightly bent, your body is able to absorb the bumps from the ground, that are transferred from the tires to the frame, and finally to you, the rider.

This "attack stance" is used for jumping your ATV as well. So learning it now at slower speeds will be very handy as you continue to build your riding skills.

The first thing you will notice is that the view is different when you are standing on the pegs. Standing also raises the center of gravity, which makes tipping a much greater possibility. So start slow!

Again, find your "bump obstacle", and practice, practice, practice. You should notice that in this standing position, it is easier to get the front tires up. This is true especially if you can straighten your knees a bit as you pull up on the bars. Using your knees will require less pulling on the bars, making it even easier to get the front end up...

Again start slowly, and gradually increase your speed. otherwise you will slam your grab bar into the ground, and needing to replace it since it is now bent.

Once you can do this, you can then work on your distance. After you hit the balance point, you can pretty much ride a wheelie for as long as you want. As you begin riding the wheelie for longer distances, you will be able to shift up through the gears.

Just be sure to cruise the area first, looking for any whoops, or radical changes in the terrain, as these will impact your wheelie distance.

And those are the basics on how to wheelie an ATV. It takes some practice, and just a bit of patience, but once you have it down, you will be able to wheelie at will...

And just to give you some specific examples of wheelie skills, here are some ATV wheelie videos to check out.

Ride Safe. Ride Legal. Ride Again...Curtis

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