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Greetings All,

Today, I am leaving the ATVs in the garage, so I can talk to you about the SiteSell program, which is very near and dear to my heart.

SiteSell is responsible for my "second family", my family of websites.

I Love SBI!

Site Build It!

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But, if you have thought about, considered, or even dreamt about owning a successful and profitable website or internet based business, please read on to see how we have made this dream a reality. And if we can do it using the SiteSell program, then I am sure you can too.

Before we go any further, there are a couple of things to be clarified, so here they are...

1. This is a legitimate business that requires time, effort, and work to be successful.

2. This is not a get rich quick scenario. It takes time and effort to build and maintain a successful website. You do have to work!

3. You do not have to be a computer geek type to be successful. I was a contractor from 1980 to 2004, and then made the change to an internet based business. There is a learning curve, but it is very, very do-able.

How It Used To Be...

Like I said, I was a contractor. I still like saying that. I was a contractor.

A typical day usually started at 4 am. Get up and ready for work. Hit the gas station, top of the tank, and hit the road. Battle traffic on the So Cal freeway system to be to work by 7 am.

Unload the truck, stock the material, grab the 40 lb. tool belt, strap it around my waist, and get to work. Deal with the weather, the schedule, and the other guys on the job site, finish the day's work.

Load the tools and equipment back on the truck, hit the freeway, battle the traffic going back home, hope the traffic alert was on the freeway I wasn't traveling on that day.

Get home, hurray! See the family, have dinner and spend time (about an hour) with the kids until their bedtime, tuck them in and head into the home office and bid some more projects so I have work for next month.

Around 10 or 11 p.m., call it a day and head off to bed, so I can get some sleep before starting all over the next day at 4 am.

That was my life until I found the SiteSell program, in 2004 (Yes, I have been using SBI for that long now, and I am also certified as an SBI Instructor now, too.).

How It Is Now...

Now I am a webtrepeneur. I really like saying that, too. I am a webtrepeneur.

Thanks to the SiteSell program...

A typical day now starts at 6:30 a.m. Get up and dressed, check for customer emails, over night sales, prepare today's to-do list. Get the kids up, have breakfast with them, get them ready for school, and on their way.

Make the commute to work which means walking over and sitting down with my laptop. Turn on the stereo, return customer emails, and answer technical questions.

Research for news and articles to post at the site. Maybe build a couple of new pages, whatever there is on the to do list.

If the list is short for the day, maybe sneak out for an afternoon movie with my girlfriend, who is a webtrepeneur now too. She really likes saying that, since we just launched her site, Cory Genealogy Research

Have dinner, usually around 5 or 6, then relax and hang with, watch a little TV, shoot some pool, play the guitars, or even grab the laptop and take care of some website work. The choice is mine. Usually in bed by 10, watch the news a bit, and call it a day.

The Difference...

Since becoming a Webtrpeneur, I really like saying that, its' not so much that my life has changed, as it is that now I have a life.

Thanks again to the SiteSell program.

My ex-wife and I attended all the school functions for the kids, open houses, progress reports, award ceremonies, and other activities. (They have both graduated now, time really does fly.)

Running errands, doctor and dentist appointments, even scheduling the cable guy is not a problem. My office is our home, and since we went wireless, I could work on the computer outside, while watching my son on his skateboard.

Sometimes, we work outside on the balcony while the birds fly around, and the clouds drift across the sky.

My family actually gets to spend time with me, and vice versa. For so long, I was gone when they got up, gone when the got home from school, and unable to attend school functions.

I have seen more sunrises and sunsets from the seat of my truck, than from anywhere else. That is a very sad statement.

Stress, well that is pretty much a thing of the past. The websites support me financially. Now I'm not lighting the fireplace with $100 bills, but all the expenses are current. There is money to go out for dinner. And I have some cash to do work around the house, paint, flooring, and decorating.

Like I said, I'm not rolling in cash, but I will be if I stick to my plan, and follow the SiteSell program.


Because the SiteSell program works. And if you have thought of, considered, or dreamt about a successful and profitable website, or internet business, please take 3 minutes and check out the video.

You have already spent that much time reading this page, so go ahead and watch the clip, you owe it to yourself.....

And your loved ones.

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