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Needless to say, I get many emails asking me, Where can I find an ATV Blue Book?", "What is my ATV worth?", "What is the ATV value for my quad?", and "Is this a good price to pay for this ATV?"

So, I do some research, then reply to the email. And a lot of you fine folks spend time during the very late evening, and very early morning hours shopping for ATVs. I know this cause all of your emails have a time stamp on them ; )

So, I have added this ATV Blue Book value page, so you can check the ATV value of your quad, or one you are considering buying, for yourself, any time of the day or night.

Before you run off to the dealership, here's something to consider.

Buying an ATV that is a couple of years old is a great way to keep some cash in your wallet, and still get that new to you ATV that you're wanting. Many times, the current owner has already spent some cash on upgrades, and accessories that you would like to have. So, buying a used ATV can save you some cash, get some nice accessories, and work out to a win-win situation..

So, to make sure everyone can access an ATV Blue Book, for the current and correct ATV value, follow these easy directions...

To use the Kelley ATV Blue Book Guide:

kelley blue book

First: Click on the image link to the right ---->
(You will land on the motorcycle page, but that is where you need to be)

Second: Select either Trade in Value (what your ATV is worth as a trade in at the dealership), or Trade in Retail Value ( What your ATV is worth if you sell it to a private party).

Third: Select the manufacturer, year, and model of your ATV, or the ATV you're considering to purchase.

Fourth: Check out the results...

® Kelley Blue Book is a registered trademark of Kelley Blue Book Co., Inc.

To use the NADA "ATV Blue Book" Guide:

nada guides
First: Click on the image to the right ----->

Second: Select the "Motorcycle Tab", near the top of the page.

Third: Select either new or used. And click on the ATV link.

Fourth: Select the first letter of the manufacturer's name. And then select your model and year.

Fifth: Select any features/add ons. And click "Get Value" button.

Sixth: Check the results.

And here are a few things to keep in mind when calculating the value of your ATV, or a prospective purchase...

When you add an accessory, you won't get the full value of the add on, when it comes time to sell. Here's an example to follow. I recently purchased new tires and alloy rims for my Mojave. The total cost of the tire wheel package was $300.00.

Now, if I had decided to sell my Mojave within a reasonable amount of time after the tires were installed, I could probably get most or all of the money back. I would have to sell the ATV within 6 months to get the full value of the tires and rims.

Once you go past six months or so, the value of that add on drops by 50%. Go past a year, and the value drops to 25% of what you paid. After about 18 months, the value of the add on basically disappears.

Sure my Mojave has a nice set of tires and rims, but that feature will only offset some of the depreciation of the value of the ATV, since as they get older, they are worth less...

Also if you are considering purchasing a used ATV, be cautious of major engine mods, like boring the cylinders, oversized pistons, extensive head work, etc. While these are nice to have, its better to buy a used ATV as close to stock as possible.

This way you can choose what engine work to have done, based on the way you ride. Just something to consider, before you open your wallet...

Ride Safe. Ride Legal. Ride Again...Curtis

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