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Thinking about a new ATV?

Maybe just a "new-to-you" ride?

Looking for a dealer in your area?

Our ATV manufacturers list will let you check out all the current offerings from all the ATV factories. Before you head off to the dealer with your checkbook and wallet, take a few minutes to do some comparison shopping on your computer.

With just a few clicks you can compare the Honda against the Polaris, or the Kawasaki to the Yamaha. Check out engine options, two or four wheel drive, utility versus sport, colors, accessories, and even warranties. The more informed you are, the better position you are in once you get to the dealer.

Take this scenario...

You have narrowed your choice down to a Honda or Polaris, and you are at the Honda dealer negotiating the price. He says, "That's the best price I can give you." If you are not informed, you might say, "OK, I'll take it." But you have done your research, via our ATV manufacturers page, and you instead reply, "Well, I'm not sure, I can get the Polaris and save $500.00, not to mention the Polaris has 12 more horsepower, and 2 extra inches of travel on the rear."

Now, this tells the Honda dealer that he needs to do something now to get your business. That something would probably be lowering the price, or maybe he'll through in a two year extended warranty, or maybe a killer deal on some gear or accessories.

Knowledge is power, make sure you have some power before you make that drive to the dealer.

And don't forget to protect your purchase, visit our ATV insurance page. Most homeowners and renters policies won't cover your new toy, so spend a few minutes there too.

It would also be great idea to check out the ATV Laws page, and see if there are any new requirements for riding in your local area.

Like I said above, knowledge is power!

So, get comfortable, and take a few to gain some power, courtesy of our ATV factory links.

Ride Safe. Ride Legal. Ride Again... Curtis

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