Atv jack - a product review

Greetings All,

If you have at least one ATV, then you should consider having an ATV jack to help speed up the required maintenance or repair chores, to get you back on the trail sooner. Our jack gets used every time we ride. No, not on the trail, but before and after almost every ride, here at the garage.

Our ATV lift gets used before almost every ride.

"Why?" you ask, simple. Being able to lift the quad off the ground with makes all the routine maintenance go a bit quicker.

  • The tires can be spun and the rims checked for dings, dents, or cracks.
  • Chain adjustment is super fast, taking a couple of minutes, from start to finish.
  • Check shock or strut travel, and inspect bushings and bearings.
  • Inspect or replace brake pads or shoes, check brake lines for damage.
  • Oil change is faster and simpler, thanks to better access to the drain plug.

Our jack also gets used after almost every ride.

At our place, it is used mostly for cleaning up after a day on the trails. With the quad off the ground, getting soap and water to all the dirt is much easier, without all the back bending to look underneath the ATV.

And if your ATV Garage is shared with one or more "other vehicles", the ATV jack is worth its weight in gold. You can scoop and lift your quad from anywhere in the garage, and roll it wherever, without all the back and forth, and bar turning, you know what I mean. This is especially handy when it is time to clean out the garage. Really handy.

Ride Safe. Ride Legal. Ride Again...Curtis

Check out these ATV jack features

atv jack 1

In this photo, you can see the assembled ATV jack. The weight is around 50-70 lbs., depending on the manufacturer. The jack limit is displayed on the face of the hydraulic jack, and this one is rated at 1500 lbs. This should be more than enough to lift your ATV, no matter what size it is.

atv jack 2

Notice in this shot, that the jack unit is bolted to the jack frame. Should the jack ever need to be replaced, simply unbolt the old, and bolt on the new unit. The bar running across the photo at an angle, that is the lift lock. When not in use, there is a wire clip that holds it place, out of the way.

atv jack 3

You can see that the pivot points use cotter pins and washers. Keeping the pivot points cleaned and oiled is very easy. Notice too, that the frame pads are riveted in place. And at the pads edges, there is a small metal stop, to keep the ATV from sliding off the jack.

atv jack 4

Now in this photo, you can see where the extension handle attaches to the jack, by slipping over a peg at the top of the jack frame. With the handle on, moving your ATV is simple and requires very little effort at all.

atv jack 5

This shot shows how the extension handle is slid over the jack screw valve, which lets you open or close the valve without getting down on the ground. A very nice feature to have.You can also see the foot pedal here, it bolts to the jack unit.

atv jack 6

In the photo, you can see the lock bar engaging against the stop on the frame. With the lock bar in place, even if the jack valve is opened, the ATV will not lower to the ground, where someone's feet or hands may be. This is an excellent safety feature, be sure to use it!

atv jack 7

In this shot, the jack screw is raised up, so the ATV jack can move around on its casters. The castors spin 360 degrees on this end. The front of the jack uses castors that do not spin.

atv jack 8

Once the quad is up in the air, simply turn the screws down, and the castor comes up off the ground, making it almost impossible to move the ATV jack. Once the jack screws are turned down, I remove the extension handle as well. Less temptation for the "helpers" running around in the garage.

atv jack 9

These last pics show the ATV jack in use, there is more than enough grunt to lift our Mini ATV, as well as my beloved Mojave. With the mini on the ATV jack, the clearance at the tires is 8" off the ground, while the frame is around 15-17".

atv jack 10

With the Mojave on board, the tire clearance is 6" off the ground, and the frame height is 15-17" also. Plenty of room to get into and all around your ATV for maintenance and repairs.