I wanted to give you the latest and greatest about the Cross-T-Squared tool, so here it is, as of February 8, 2014.

I expect that the tools will be available for purchase in the next 30-60 days. Woot!

During the process of finding a new manufacturer for the Cross-T-Squared, we have been working on a bit of a re-design to the tool as well. The end result will be a better quality tool, and a new lower price!

The biggest change is in the material used for the Cross-T-Squared tool. Instead of aluminum, all new tools will be made from an acetal homopolymer called Delrin®. This polymer is much easier and faster to cut than the aluminum, and the polymer doesn't need to be anodized to protect the finish of the grid during tool use.

For the short term, I am keeping the redirect from to this page, until I have re-activated the domain name, and it goes live. I expect that will happen over the remainder of this month (February), need to get my coding hat back on and get busy with that.

In the meantime, I have posted the original homepage below for you to check out. I will keep everyone posted as to when the site has gone live again!

Talk to you soon,

Curtis Dennis

The Best Suspended Ceiling Tool

Do You Want to Increase Your Profits on Every Job? It's easy to do with our suspended ceiling tool!

Do you pop-rivet your perimeter tees?
Are you tired of pulling your tape out 50, 75 or 100 times a day?
Looking for a faster, error free way to do this?

Click the Play button to see all of the tool's features.

Or read them below.

  • Milled from solid aerospace grade aluminum
  • Compact - measures 3" x 6 1/2" and weighs 7.5 ounces
  • No moving parts to break
  • Two-sided, works on both 9/16" and 15/16"
  • Manufactured with pride in the USA
  • Durable (no damage when I dropped mine from 10' up!)
  • Dual magnets work horizontally, vertically and on a slope
  • Will not damage or scratch the grid finish
  • We ship your order for free! No extra fees upon checkout

The Cross-T-Squared suspended ceiling tool does the following:

1. Squares your perimeter cross tees before you pop-rivet them
Watch the horizontal use video

2. Plumbs your vertical cross tees making soffits a snap
Watch the vertical use video

3. Aligns cross tees on wing walls/alcoves, for accurate measurements
Watch the alcove/wing wall video

4. Aligns the cross tees on angled/radius walls, as fast as a straight wall!
Watch the angled use video

5. Will last you a lifetime due to its high quality construction
Watch the "drop test" and guarantee video

And all the while leaving both of your hands free and your tape measure in your toolbag! Look, we also have pictures (link disabled), check them out!

Save Time. Save Money. Save Materials.

T-bar installers and T-bar contractors who are using this tool have told us that our suspended ceiling tool is saving them time, money, and materials. Several have stated that they hope that their competitors don't find out about this tool! Imagine how much more competitive your bid is when you're saving about $100 per man, per week (it's no wonder they want to keep this tool a secret!).

Save Time

On a 50' wall where every tee has to be pop-riveted, theoretically you'll pull your tape measure out 25 times, once for each cross-tee. After substantial testing, we have come to the conclusion that a T Bar installer doing grid 40 hours per week without this ceiling tool is costing you an extra five hours per week (an entire hour per day!) just measuring and spacing perimeter cross-tees to make sure they're square.

Save Money

For each installer making $20 per hour, using the Cross-T-Squared tool will allow him to recover about an hour per day which can potentially work out to about $100 in savings per man, per week in straight labor costs, don't forget the savings on labor overhead, too. This can translate into lower bids, or higher profit margins for your company.

Save Material

Eliminating any errors on the perimeter tee spacing, results in materials saved. Perfectly aligning vertical soffit tees the first time means no "adjustments" need to be made after the fact. And when the Cross-T-squared is used for alcoves, getting the right measurement the first time, also results in material being saved.

We're so certain that this tool will

  • Save you time
  • Save you money
  • Never break
  • Quickly become your number one tool
that we're giving you a "Our Double Guarantee" (link disabled). Not only will you get a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money-back test drive, but we're also giving you a Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage.

If your Cross-T-Squared ceiling tool ever breaks just return the pieces to us and we'll send you a replacement at no charge!

Are you ready to increase your productivity, and recapture those lost labor and overhead costs??? Well, click here (link disabled) and come on in...
Solution Graphics

Click the Play button to check out horizontal usage.

The Cross-T-Squared perfectly squares the perimeter tees within the precisely aligned slots which have been cut into it. After snapping in the perimeter tee, instead of eyeballing and/or measuring the Tee for square, just slip this ceiling tool onto the face of the main (the two circular magnets hold it in place), and move the perimeter Tee left or right until it drops into the slot. Clamp, punch, pop-rivet and go on to the next one. It's that easy!

Click the Play button to check out vertical usage.

Thanks to the magnets, this acoustical ceiling tool also works vertically. You'll be able to align vertical Tees without plumbing and measuring over and over again. Soffits are so easy now, the edge of the Cross-T-Squared butts up against the wall angle and sets the vertical position for you. You have both hands free because the magnets keep the Cross-T-Squared in place, holding the cross-tee perfectly plumb for you while you clamp, punch and pop. Before you know it your soffit is done!

Click the Play button to view using our tool for alcove/wing walls
This suspended ceiling tool also makes it easy to square up when going around a wing wall or alcove...

1. Snap in the cross tee, and temporarily suspend it with a hanger wire
2. Place the Cross-T-Squared onto the tee and main runner intersection
3. Measure from the cross tee tab back to the wall

Our tool will hold the cross tee in perfect alignment so that you have both hands free! Not only do you save time but there's no more bad measurements or mis-cuts, allowing you to save material as well!

Click the Play button and see our tool being used for angled ceilings

This new ceiling tool makes cutting into angled and radius walls a snap, by eliminating the guesswork. Once the main and tee engage with the alignment slots, it's not only done, but done right. The Cross-T-Squared also works well when installing grid inside islands and clouds.

Click here to view the drop test, and learn about our guarantee

Since this tool is constructed from aerospace grade aluminum, it will last you a lifetime. If your Cross-T-Squared tool should ever break, send the pieces back to me, and I will send a new one at no cost to you. It's that simple...

Please click here to go to the order page. (Link currently disabled)

Just as the screwpole and laser allow you to do more in less time, so too does the Cross-T-Squared - I can say this because, as mentioned above, we use our Cross-T-Squared tools on every bit of T-bar we install.

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